Since the publication of State Secrets: The Kent-Wolkoff Affair on 3rd October 2005, new information has come to light, so the following corrections now need to be made:


Pages 3, 120
Thanks to the granddaughter of James McGuirk Hughes, it is now known that Hughes had been told that 'his life was in danger' and that he was flown to Scotland for his own protection. Clearly, this was why he 'couldn't be found' when Anna Wolkoff wanted to call him as a witness at her trial.

Pages 8, 256
Thanks to Jeff Wallder, it is now known that over 1,000 Mosleyites were interned during WWII.

Pages 46, 49, 205
Following the release of Erland Echlin's files into The National Archives (HO 383/15), there is no evidence that his secretary, Miss W. Hooton, was ever interned.

Page 108
Following the release of Admiral Wolkoff's file into The National Archives (KV 2/2258), it is now known that he opened The Russian Tearooms in London's South Kensington in 1923, not 1932 as stated.

Page 115, 140
Following the release of GELATINE's files into The National Archives (KV 2/1275 to 1280), it is now known that this Double Agent had previously worked for Maxwell Knight under the code name of M/G from 1938 to 1941. Born in Raitham, Austria in 1911, Friedericke Stottinger was known as 'Friedl'. She married a German Jew called Gaertner in 1934; they were divorced in 1936 and she came to England in March the following year. Her younger sister Alice (known as 'Liesl') married Ian Menzies, the brother of Stewart Menzies who later headed up MI6.

Page 188
My speculation that Maxwell Knight's undercover agent known as Special Source could have been Major-General J F C Fuller was incorrect. He is now known to have been Lionel John Hirst (1905-1954) who was possibly considered 'special' because he was a member of the British Union of Fascists, Captain Ramsay's Right Club, the Imperial Fascist League and Admiral Domvile's The Link. His German-born wife, Gertrude (1906-1978), was also involved to some extent in his activities. According to his own testimony, Hirst had worked for Knight since 1936. He had been 'arrested' on Knight's instructions on 13th August 1940, conveyed to Latchmere House (MI5's Interrogation Centre also known as Camp 020) and released two weeks later.

Page 230
Thanks to Helmut Roewer, it is now known that, although captured in 1945, Kurt Jahnke was not executed until 22 April 1950 - per the FSB Archive, Moscow.

Pages 232-234
Thanks to Phil Tomaselli, it is now evident that Charles Francis FLETCHER of GC&CS was not working for Kurt Jahnke, as MI5 had supposed. On the contrary, Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair - the Head of MI6 until his death on 4th November 1939 - had tried to infiltrate Fletcher into the Jahnke organisation as a British agent. So MI5's concerns were unfounded.

Page 262
Thanks to Anna Wolkoff's great niece, it is now known that Enid Riddell survived the car crash that killed Anna in 1973.


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